Sep 22 2017

Book op

I am off until mid October as I am having a boon lift. I lost weight so my blobs leapt south lol. They shall be nice and perky again. So apologies but I won't be around for a few weeks [more...]
Jul 13 2014

me again

I will firstly apologise for being so hard to get hold of recently. I have cut down the amount of bookings I will do a day so many people have not been able to get appointments when they want them. Last minute appointments are available on quiet days [more...]
OMG!!! How dumb can I be. I forgot I had a blog app on this site so have not updated it for a while. Well I am still back and forth between home, work and the hospital. Not great fun but part of life I [more...]
Apr 13 2014


Blimey its been a while since I blogged. I do apologise. I have had the results from my heart scans and monitors and I wont put the results out in public but lets just say the results were not great. I still need more tests on my [more...]
Mar 02 2014


I am sorry but for now my face needs to remain hidden. It will be back on in a few months though. For March I will NOT be available Mondays or Wednesdays I am afraid. The first week of March I wont be available Thursday either. [more...]
I am sorry but due to one idiot I have had to remove my face from photos for the time being. I can assure you I am not pig ugly just normal looking but unfortunately my safety has become an issue out and about and one person can ruin [more...]
Jan 18 2014


I have had a few days away to recharge my batteries and rest up as I worked a little too much over the festive period and caused my illness to flare up big time. I feel much better now. Oh some good news, My very noisy, nosey and dirty neighbours [more...]
Nov 09 2013

A ramble

I have had a brainstorm. Ok perhaps maybe just a clap of thunder rather than a storm but I have decided to lower my overnight rates for outcalls. I have decided that £500 is more than enough if I get taken for a meal (nothing fancy) and get [more...]
Golly it seems all I am doing lately is apologising. I apologise I have not been around much but like everyone at some point in their lives I have had some personal issues to deal with and have had to make rather big life decisions. I did not [more...]
Jul 31 2013


Sorry that was the only thing I could think when thinking of a title for this blog. Firstly I would like to apologise to those of you who have tried to book me the past three days. Work has been so manic I have not had time to [more...]
Jul 13 2013

Hot hot hot

Wow this weather is sure hot!!!! Now I like to get hot and sweaty but not like this. I have ensured my work bedroom is lovely and cool though and if you still find it too warm just let me know and I will turn the coolers up! [more...]
I finally did it. I cannot believe I eventually plucked up the courage to evict her. I could take no more. I tried to do it last year but she guilt tripped me into letting her stay. This time however no amount of her abuse was [more...]
Jun 29 2013

Men WHY???

Well my date night went rather well I must say. I was taken to a rather posh restaurant. You know one of those places where you start to sweat before you sit down in case you spill something or use the wrong knife etc. Even though I [more...]
Well well life has been fun (being sarcastic now). After telling little miss drunken drama queen that enough was enough and I cannot stand anymore and gave her notice I have had nothing but vile texts and on the days she comes in nothing but abuse. I did not expect [more...]
WOOHOO!!! I have finally done it. I have given my flat mate her notice. I have put up with it for over a year now. Her stuff over filling every cupboard in the place plus always all over the lounge. Now if it was work stuff [more...]
Yes ou have guessed it. this is one of those blogs I should not have to actually write but as usual one person deems themselves above common courtesy and feels they can do whatever suits them. For me manners are everything. It is what makes me decide to see someone [more...]
Huge apologies to all of you who have tried to contact me the past two weeks. I have been in hospital. I was rushed in two weeks ago and have spent the whole time in a pain filled morphine haze. I am out now with the news [more...]
May 17 2013

I forgot

Yes I know I am turning into a Bimbo. I keep forgetting I have a blog on this website. I guess it is because I am used to not having one that now I do I just casually forget it is here, well it is either I am [more...]
May 11 2013

new phone

At last I have finally changed my awful basic work phone to an Iphone. It had to be done as this phone was not ringing at my end all the time so I was missing calls. Same with texts. It seems the phone only lets through the [more...]
May 09 2013


WOWWWWW what a few days I have had. I did a new photo shoot at the weekend and did some photos in my favourite retro outfits as well as school uniform and nurse outfit as people seem to think I don't offer these as it has been a [more...]
I know it is me again. I am probably the most boring blog writer in the escorting world as my blogs are never full of made up sexy antics or fantasy nor are they ranting on and on about how horny I am as I just do not see [more...]
Its one of those days. no work for little old me as had to visit the hospital. Not the best place to be on a nice sunny day as would much rather be either entertaining clients or sat in my garden enjoying the weather. I shall not moan though [more...]
Apr 27 2013

My big mouth

It seems today I have upset a few escorts. I am on a punting forum and I say what I really think. Apparently it is not right that I voice my own opinion rather than agree with everything other escorts do or say. it was all over a, escort [more...]
It seems my postcode is confusing people as it is a Nottingham postcode yet I am actually in Derby. Very strange I know but it is Erewash council that I pay for council tax which comes under Derby not Nottingham. Some people ring and ask for postcode and [more...]
Some men do seem to think as an escort I have money coming out of my ears and I live a glamorous lifestyle which consists of breakfast in bed, shoe shopping a little bit of sex then off for champagne and cocktails/ I bloody well wish My life consist of getting up [more...]
Thankyou so much guys. You have restored my faith in humanity. Not only have I received some lovely emails from people about yesterdays naty incident I have also met some wonderfully nice guys today. TODAY I REALISE WHY i AM AN ESCORT. It is because I love [more...]
Wow Adultwork has been down over 24 hours and so many women are stressing over it as they have not bothered to pay out for other advertising. Madness or foolishness I say but either way I guess I am one of the lucky ones as I do have other advertising. [more...]
Mar 29 2013

lucky me

I have been looking for a new website for quite a while as I have become bored witht he one I have and I stumbled acorss this one which is so easy to use. This iwll only be a quick blog whilst I try and actually build this site. Please [more...]