Jun 27 2013

one more week of the freak show

Well well life has been fun (being sarcastic now). After telling little miss drunken drama queen that enough was enough and I cannot stand anymore and gave her notice I have had nothing but vile texts and on the days she comes in nothing but abuse. I did not expect anything less to be honest. If she can be rude and vile to clients then it was obvious she would do it to me. I explained that even though her behaviour has driven me mad I could have coped with that but I would not put up with her scaring my clients away, by chasing them down the stairs bitching that they should have booked her or standing outside my room when they are with me banging the door. I have had lots of phone calls from clients saying they wont visit me again until she is gone and they are more important than she is so I had no choice. She actually dared to tell me what she is doing is normal and all escorts do it and I am strange because I don't do it to her clients. Umm no dearie the whole thing about escorts and clients is being discreet. Clients book who they want to see not who we tell them to see. They do not expect some wild woman screaming at them for not booking her. The icing on the cake though was when I felt sorry for her as she does not get repeat clients so does not get much work and one day I was really busy and a couple of regulars wanted bookings that I did not have time for so I suggested they see her and after they both ring me (so I know it is true if two different men are saying it) as apparently she told both of them to not see me anymore as she is more experienced and much better as I am fat and I apparently have an STI. They both walked out of the booking with her as she was crap and bad mouthing me and rang me as soon as they could. I was furious. I get checked at the GUM every month without fail so I know I am clean whereas she has not been in 11years of being an escort as she feels she does not need to yet she accuses me of having a disease so clients book her instead. It backfired though as the two I sent to her have been seeing me since I first started this job and are very good friends and came straight back to me. The worst thing you can do to an escorts career is accuse her of having an STI. It stops clients from visiting at all as some think the mental case must be telling the truth. She expected me to let her stay in MY apartment after that? All that plus filling the place with junk so I couldnt even get into the lounge, getting drunk and causing a scene most days and then bringing the local street junkies in as they were her new friends. I am gobsmacked that anyone behaves in this way I was always taught that when staying in someone elses place you have respect for their property and their possesions. She had none of that. I have met some strange women in this work but she is by far the craziest. Completely off her nut. Has no empathy for anyone and blames everyone else for what she does. She attacks her boyfriend on a airplane on the way to Cuba, it is my fault (I was not there by the way) her boyfriend gets sick of her getting drunk and attacking him? Must be my fault as I share a work place with her. She has no friends as they are all jealous of her (I did say she was crazy) must be my fault or who ever she is talking to fault. Every day for the past year and I mean everyday even the weeks I have spent in hospital I have had drama off her. If I don't answer a text straight away (say I am having an MRI or CT scan) I get voicemails of abuse as she needs me to be there as she had fucking gnat bites. Yes I swore but come on. if it wasn't gnat bites it was waking up at 5am, I tried to explain that happens when you go to sleep at 7pm. If not that then someone was picking on her, her mum, her brother, her nephew, her Aunts, her drunk friends, etc etc etc. NON stop everyday. Even when I was at home trying to get some rest I would get voicemails that went on for an hour as she left so many. Day and night everyday for 13months. Now apparently I am a bitch as I did not run to her everyday when she needed me, Sorry but I was in hospital with a serious illness so I couldnt help with your gnat bites. One more bloody week. I cannot wait. I am a very patient person who never loses her temper but my God she has pushed me to it. In my whole life I have never known anyone so self absorbed and wrapped up in themselves to the extreme that gnat bites are more serious than non stop hemaorraging (sp)with such intense pain even with morphine I was curled up almost screaming. Seriously I cannot wait till she is gone so I can live a drama free life again. I don't do drama at all. It is time consuming and is not good for ones health so I avoid it. I like to go to work, have a fun day with no drama and then go home to relax. That is how I always worked until she came into my life. Since then the stress has put me in hospital a few times due to my illness. Anyway enough about the crazy woman this is to say that although I am getting non stop crap from her I am finally feeling happy and content as I know she will be gone soon. Out of my apartment and out of my life as I will never need to answer her calls again. Just the thought of it has me sat here smiling. Its such a wonderful thought. To know I can go to work and just get on with it without the freak show, without screaming and crying and someone pissed up dropping drinks on my carpet. Someone calling the police to the apartment as she made false rape claims against her ex for dumping her, everytime he dumped her to the point even the police got sick of her and refused to bother. That's how bad it was. My landlord is also over the moon as he has had negative reports about her as well which was looking bad for me as I almost lost the place. I will NEVER share with anyone again although I may happily work a day or two with another woman who I know is not crazy or mental or drunk all day. Infact someone who is a normal person who happens to like a lot of sex. someone who is Bi like me and loves doing 3sums as much as I do. It wont be a full time thing though as the freak show has put me off every sharing full time with someone again. I cannot risk it. I was close to a break down as I cried everytime I had to go to work and I knew she would be there. I became a very unhappy person but now I can feel it all lifting and I know I shall be alright and back to myself once she has gone. All I can keep saying to myself is WOO HOO!!! Those two words say it all. WOO HOO!!! I have noticed even my blogs are miserable in their content at the moment. Whereas just over a year ago my blogs on my old blog site were happy and cheerful and full of hope and fun. Now they are boring and down beat. So give me another week of moany blogs and I am pretty sure they will change into happy ones as soon as she is gone