I know entering the paid sex world can be very frightening especially after you hear all the stories of men being robbed by pimps and girls.

I can assure you I am totally independent and do nto have a pimp of any kind.  I may sometimes have another female with me for security but you should never even notice she is there.

I am quite used to nervous guys and quickly put them at ease, so do not worry about feeling foolish

Inexperienced guys I find are a blessing as they want to learn and I adore teaching men how to pleasure a woman.  After all it is better to learn from a woman than just hope you have it right.  I can honestly say it makes no difference how much experience you have if you are doing it wrong and so many actually think they are doing it right but they arent as they do not know what signs to look and listen for.  They just assume because their partner has not complained all is ok.  If it was they would nto be visiting me would they.  So a guy who wants to learn is wonderful and I welcome them completely.

I will show you how to pleasure a woman before even getting to having sex, Techniques in kissing and touching always help to get a woman going