I do have experience of differing difficulties that can be faced and enjoy finding new ways of doing things we will both enjoy.

Please be aware however that I do not have wheelchair access and do have stairs to my apartment.

If you have a carer I do have a room that they can sit and watch TV and have a drink whilst they wait for you.

Wheelchair users I will happily see at a local hotel at my normal incal rate.  email me for the hotel you would have to book for this

service (very cheap and very local).

I am also registered on the TLCtrust website as an escort for those with impairments.

Go on book me, why not have fun.  after all any disability is just another way of having to find a new way to do fun actuvities.  Its a challenge and a fun one at that.

I am also very understanding of how impairments can affect our lives.  I hear you mumbling that I cannot possibly understand.  I can.  I too am disabled but I am lucky that I am not affected every day.  I have good days where I can bounce around having sexual pleasure and I have bad days where my legs and arms do not work at all.  so yes I have first hand experience of the difficulties faced by anyone who has an impairment.