Do you see black/asian men

Of course. I will see anyone regardless of ethinicity, who has read my site and understand the type of booking I offer. I.e a sensual girlfriend experience and not a bang fest.


Who wont you see

I will not see anyone you speaks in 'chav' type speak. I am English and I am afraid that is the only language I understand. 'chav' speak is alien to me and I will not spend time trying to decipher what you are saying. I Will also not see anyone who has such a strong accent I struggle to understand them or who does not speak English well enough to hold a conversation. This is because I will not be able to set boundaries with someone who cannot understand me and it would therefor be dangerous for me to see you. I also will not see anyone who is rude or offensive on the phone. After all if I am offended before you arrive I will not be feeling very sexy and the booking will not be much fun for you


Do you have a maximum/minimum age limit

Gosh No! I love men of all ages but if you look young you may well be asked for ID.


What do you not like in a booking

I do not like men you think they can throw me around or who bark orders at me. The type of meeting I offer is mutual so this should be respected. If you like to be rough or think a woman in this job should be willing to take orders then I am wrong for you. I am sure you will find it more enjoyable with someone who offers this service


Bareback for more money?

Oh I am so sorry Darling but I have never been a very lucky lady. I never win in casinos or even on the Lottery so Russian Roulette would be a very silly game for me to play as my luck is rather bad and I would be the unlucky one who would catch something undesirable. This also includes rubbing your bare cock against my naked lady bits. So many of you think this is not risky but it is no different to having bareback sex


How do I pay you

As soon as you enter is preferable. I also no longer accept £50 notes. Please either hand it over in a non sealed envelope or just hand it to me. Counting it out note by note is very offending. I will however check it quickly before we start to ensure there is no misunderstandings. This will take 2 seconds as I am very quick at counting and do it as I put it on the sideboard.


Do you have shower facilities

Yes. I also have non alcohol mouthwash in small sealed pots above the sink. This is so you do not have to put your mouth around a bottle someone else may have used. I also always have mens shower gel and body spray for your use as well as clean soft towels.


Can I book you out of your hours

If I have not seen you before a deposit of 30% will be needed for this


Will you do an outcall to my home/hotel

For a hotel booking I will need to be be able to call the hotel and speak to you in your room to ensure I have the correct details. For a home visit I will need a deposit of 30% paid by 10am of the day of the booking. Outcalls must also be for longer than my actual travel time. I.e 30 minutes each way is an hour so the booking must be for 90 minutes or more


What else do I need to know

I am always discreet and I expect the same from you. When you arrive please do not bring attention to yourself. Call me from inside your car for my number and then enter quietly. Treat me how you want to be treated and everything will be great. Most of all though, relax and enjoy yourself. This is about having fun so do not take it seriously.