Mar 02 2014


I am sorry but for now my face needs to remain hidden. It will be back on in a few months though. For March I will NOT be available Mondays or Wednesdays I am afraid. The first week of March I wont be available Thursday either. Its a pain in the arse but I don't set my hospital appointments they do it for me and I have to attend Well my fathers funeral went well despite everything else that has been going on and I am coping much better now. Its hard to say goodbye to a parent but I can honestly say he is much better off as his last 8 months were terrible and no one should have to suffer like that. Me I am a fan of euthanasia and believe if you are mentally competent you should have the choice to slowly die in pain or to pass quickly and quietly pain free and with dignity. I have told my whole family that if I get to that point I will end it myself as I refuse to be made to live in pain until I pass away. I don't allow my pets to do it so I wont allow myself. strange that isn't it, In Britain we class it as cruel to keep an animal alive in pain yet we legally force humans to have to do just that. Sorry off track there. I just popped on to say I wont be available on certain days for the next month