May 17 2013

I forgot

Yes I know I am turning into a Bimbo. I keep forgetting I have a blog on this website. I guess it is because I am used to not having one that now I do I just casually forget it is here, well it is either I am turning into a Bimbo or I am going slowly senile. I think I would prefer senile to be honest with you. The thought of being dumb and knowing I am dumb (Bimbo) is just too much to bare. At least with senility I would not know I was losing the plot. Ignorance is bliss in this case:) Seriously though I am losing it a bit. I am still almost all there but do have moments. I suppose we all do in our own ways. the odd moment when you forget why you have popped to the shop or when you know you have something important to say but for the life of you, you cannot remember what the hell it was. I have had a few days off as been feeling a little under the weather but shall be back tomorrow hopefully. My sunbed turns up tomorrow so at least I will have a tan again. I always feel happier with a tan than I do without one. I have ordered the stand up one as it is much quicker and less time spent under it means less damage to the skin. Mind you I normally use enough moisturiser a day to keep an elephants skin soft so I should be ok. Spending time with family is a wonderful way to relax and I must say I am enjoying it immensely. Unfortunately I cannot sit on my arse day in and day out as I have to earn a living as I still have bills to pay at home and at work. I must admit though I do like not having to do anything. Not having to do it means it is more enjoyable when you do. After all you must like it to do it when you know you don't have to. Yes I know I am rambling a bit but am struggling to explain what I mean as I have total brain freeze today. I think it is the lack of mental stimulation form sitting around doing nothing. My brain seems to have packed its bags and gone on holiday. I could do with a holiday but I cant go abroad as the thought of spending 9-11 hours on a flight with lots of other people and their kids who always spend the whole flight crying or throwing things (normally at me). the last one was a 3 year old who spent nearly the whole flight leaning over the top of my seat hitting me with a coke can and his mother refused to stop him. he got so bad and so vile that they had to move them in the end as so many people were complaining. Guess who had him sat behind her on the flight home too. Yep me!!! It was pure hell and I refuse to put myself in that situation again for the time being. So I shall be staying in this country this year as although I loved the holiday all I can really remember is the flights there and back as they were both 11 hours of pure hell. Anyway I had better go as family are wondering what the hell I am doing. Have a great weekend xxx