Apr 19 2013

A derby escorts life

Some men do seem to think as an escort I have money coming out of my ears and I live a glamorous lifestyle which consists of breakfast in bed, shoe shopping a little bit of sex then off for champagne and cocktails/ I bloody well wish My life consist of getting up before I am ready to walk and feed the dogs, sort out the cats litter tray and food, remind my son the snake needs feeding sort out all the other animals, Clean the house. Pop in the shower then drive to work flat where I then have to clean right through there. I then have another shower and pop my face on and do my hair and get dressed into whatever outfit has been requested. Then it is work, shower, work shower, lunch, work, shower, work shower and so on until it is time to go home. I have missed out the odd cup of coffee between work and shower. Then its home, do all the animals again, cook dinner, do some washing and irnong, a bath and by then it is bed time. Not so muhc of a glamorous life isit. not great at all. It does me though. I love the way I live and would not change it for the world. So what if I am not sat in a cocktail lounge sipping Mojitos or champagne. I dont drink alcohol anyway so it would just be minaral water for me. I dont want to be out all hours of the night either as it kills me for the next day and it ages the skin to As for the money coming out of my ears. Please do have a home to pay for including all the costs that come with that and then rent somewhere else and pay the rent and all bills that come with that too. It does not leave that much left each month I can tell you. OK I have a nice car but that is leased. I dont even go on holiday anymore. Seriously I dont work everyday as my illness comes and goes so I am a part time worker with a son that just about covers the cost of her living expenses each month. Getting robbed this week was the icing on the cake as he took all of this months bill money so I cant work and cant pay the bills until I am well enough to work again and then I will have to work myself hard so that means I will probably manage two days before I end up off ill again with another flare up Being an escort is not a wonderful life nor is it glamorous. It can be fun though if your head is screwed on the right way. Unfortunately I personally dont think it is until you are at least 25 years old. Too many young girls who are getting screwed up doing a job for the money and not for the fun of it. This is a job for those that have had a bit of life expereince and who enjoy sex a lot. It is not an easy way to make cash as with that perspective you will end up emotionally damaged. Anyway that was a tad morose so I will end this blog there. I am hoping to be back at work tomorrow and also hoping the sun starts shining