Jan 18 2014


I have had a few days away to recharge my batteries and rest up as I worked a little too much over the festive period and caused my illness to flare up big time. I feel much better now. Oh some good news, My very noisy, nosey and dirty neighbours have finally moved out so there will be no more hoodies hanging around the building making the stairs a total mess. I am so happy. Seriously I have never known one family to make so much noise or mess. Plus their flea ridden cat will be gone too. Now I love animals but the poor thing was literally crawling in fleas. It was hard not to notice as its fur was mainly white but you could see the black moving around there were so many. I shall still be working but I shall be getting fussier about who I see. Anyone I have not met who texts me without calling first will be automatically banned from ever visiting me as will anyone who is unable to converse properly be it due to language barriers, medical reasons or just because they speak chav. After being attacked on New Years Eve, I have decided to become extra strict on who I will or wont see and I feel anyone who cannot book me the way I ask is not worth my time. I don't make people jump through hoops I just ask that they call me before texting and are polite and we are both able to understand each other. Now that's not hard is it. Once we have met then I will happily take text bookings but not until. I will also refuse to see anyone who asks for services that my list makes clear I do not offer. This is either laziness on your part as you cant be bothered to read my services or it is because you feel you can push my boundaries and do whatever you want. Neither of these appeal to me so again will be locked automatically. I have to feel this is fun. If it is not fun for me then I might as well go back to my old job. Seeing any of the excluded list of people make this hard work and far from fun so I refuse to put myself through it any more. Sex is supposed to be all about fun. Its not about trying to make someone feel uncomfortable. If I feel uncomfortable because of how you act then you will be told to leave. No arguments will change my mind. I am a person, I am not a piece of meat to be used. If you cannot treat me as such then please don't waste my time or yours by booking me. Yes this is my job but I do it for fun. I can earn money easily enough by going back to my old job but I left that for this to have fun. Life is too short to be miserable and I wont let anyone make me feel that way anymore. Only book me if you want a relaxing fun time, with a bit of chat and a lot of laughs as I do not do boring non speaking bookings I shall be working Sunday 19th Jan from 11 - 5 and offering £10 off hour bookings on that day only.