Jul 09 2013

It is finally over

I finally did it. I cannot believe I eventually plucked up the courage to evict her. I could take no more. I tried to do it last year but she guilt tripped me into letting her stay. This time however no amount of her abuse was going to change my mind. I will explain why so you can understand why I had to evict her and I am not some evil monster who is stopping another form working. Please read although you will probably read it with total disbelief as when I read it back it sounds to horrendous to be true. It started a few weeks after she moved in. I would come in to find my huge box of condoms empty (I always have at least 200 in the box) and I had clients to see. I replaced them to find I had no baby wipes even though I buy them in boxes of 12 packs. It turns out she took them home. So I thought ok it is just stuff that can be replaced but I did ask her not to take anything again in case I actually need it. The next week I came in and it was boiling hot so just before my client arrived I went to turn on my air coolers. They had gone, she had taken them to her room so she did not get too hot. The following day I was £150 down and could not find the money anywhere. One of my clients came and put a lock on the bedroom door for me. This same client also turned up with a few gifts for me and a suitcase full of stuff for my room. As I was talking to him she actually went and unloaded his case to see what she could have. Things got progressively worse from there on in. I politely explained that when I have a client they don't want to see her as she had purposely jumped out on a few and they had rightly been upset about it as it is not discreet. She did not have much work and would moan at me to try and give her some of my clients if I am too busy to see them so I told a couple of regulars that I was too busy but she could see them instead. Big mistake. They both rang me and said all she did was slag me off through out the booking and charge them an extra £10 for kissing £10 for oral etc and then wouldn't do any of what she had charged them for. I apologised and gave them both a free booking as it was my fault they saw her. I told her I would no longer be passing on my clients so she found a way around it. Whilst in a booking I leave my phones in the lounge so they do not ring in front of the client. She took to answering my phones and telling clients I was not working but she was. This happened for a couple of months before I looked at my phone one day and realised I had not answered the calls that had been answered. I received quite a few emails saying I was out of order giving her my phone as those that had visited expected the same type of service but did not get it. I had no idea she was even doing this. I then took to keeping my phones and purse in my bedroom which is not ideal considering I have strangers coming in and out of the room but it just felt safer. She then took to getting drunk by lunchtime and by drunk I mean a large bottle of vodka drunk. I hate the smell of alcohol and started staying in my room. In other words I rented a whole flat but was confined to my bedroom as she was ranting and raving about her ex every day whilst drunk I finally found out why I lost so many clients as it seems that just before a client was due to leave she would go outside for a smoke and when the client walked out she would start on him, screaming and shouting for booking me instead of her. She was screaming that they should book her as she is slim and I am not. She even went so far as to threaten one client. For me this was the final straw. attacking my clients verbally when they leave is not something I could allow so she had to be evicted. I think I did well to put up with so much. I was going to wait until she had paid all the money she owes me as it is quite a bit but I couldn't. She had until Sunday to be gone and Saturday she had not moved anything so I decided to turn up at the flat on Sunday which I never do to see her trying to steal everything from in the flat. I got some of it off her but I could not get it all unfortunately as she had a man with her who took it all to his car quickly. I was told to call the police but I wont bother as I now have her real address as she left a parcel box with it on as well as her real name not the fake one she gave me so I can at least take her to county court for the money she owes. I have hundreds of texts as proof as she acknowledges she owes the money many times in the texts. Thankfully I am now having withheld calls every few minutes that have not stopped since the weekend. I know it is her for two reasons. One she goes to bed around 7 - 8 every night and that is when the calls stop and she gets up around 5am and that is when they start again and also TWO she did it to her ex for months. Its play ground games and I wont play them. She can ring as much as she wants as my phone is on silent and when it is on I just hit ignore for every withheld number. If it does carry on past tomorrow though I will just pass it on to the police as she has quite a record and they will act on it as I also have lots of threats from her number. She believes the police cannot find out who owns a phone if you withhold your number but it is only withheld to me not to the phone company so it is easy for them to find out who it is. I say about the police as although I am ignoring it, it is clogging up my phone and my doctor could not even get through to me and it was quite urgent. Due to my illness I need a phone that I can use but these calls drain the battery very quickly. I will see if it carries on again tomorrow. On a lighter note I am so much happier that the flat is mine again. No more hassle. No problems. My clients can come and go without hassle from her. I feel like a new person now. I am excited about going back to work again. I cannot wait. I just feel really sorry for the next person she cons, with one of her many names, Yassmin, Jesstina, Justina, Carrie, Georgia, jess, so many first names should have highlighted the fact she could not be trusted as she never gave her real name in the year or so I knew her. I just did not realise she had mental health issues. Regardless of what she did to me though I do hope she goes and gets the help she obviously needs. She is literally crazy and quite dangerous as she is often attacking people including her partner. Its awful when someone suffers like this as no one can help if they don't admit it is a problem. She has issues that need sorting and doing this job is not helping her at all. She needs to be sectioned for a while until she becomes a little more stable and can realistically mix with people safely. I really hope she gets the help as it is out there if she just goes to the doctor and asks I thought after this everything was ok but my regulars were slowly not coming to visit anymore and I wondered what the hell I had done wrong but thought OK that is there choice