Apr 27 2013

My big mouth

It seems today I have upset a few escorts. I am on a punting forum and I say what I really think. Apparently it is not right that I voice my own opinion rather than agree with everything other escorts do or say. it was all over a, escort blowing a client off for a more expensive booking. I do not think that is on and the excuses that get used, like I just started my period, or the Landlord just turned up . I am supposed to say oh I believe that instead of saying she has no business sense at all. seems that if one does not always agree with other escorts and does not make up excuses for them I am disgusting. well as I love bloody labels so much it is one I shall wear with pride as I refuse to lie just so another woman feels better about deceiving a client. OK sometimes I open my big gob before I think but I stand by the fact that I thin for myself and will not have anyone teling what i should or should not thin or write. FFS why should I? OK I am an escort but I am also still a person with her own opinions who just happens to think this escort solidarity is bullshit. Of course some expect this but they are the oens that would stab you in the back quick as look at you so, so much for solidarity. I will stand up for people I know and even ones I odnt know if and only if I think they are in the right. I call a spade a spade and am not going to lie just because a few escorts think I am not showing the solidarity they think I should. I wont. Its that simple, if you mess a client around then it is your own fault if you get a bad review. If you dont offer services you say you do then again it is your own fault. I look after my business and others need to do the same instead of moaning about it on forums. Just dont expect me to agree out of some enforced grouping. If you are worng then bloody admit it, dont expect other escorts to lie for you so you look like you are right. Perhaps I am too honest. Perhaps I am stuck in my ways and believe it much better to be honest. If you have made a mistake taking a booking, tell them dont make silly excuses. We all make mistakes but we only learn from them if we are told about them. As for solidarity, where was it last week when I got robbed? there was none if fact some had the nerve to try and blame me for having money in my work place even though I was still ther working. I dont have a pimp that picks it up after every booking so normally I ahve money there from the days wages until I go home. So much for solidarity eh? In business we need to look after our clients otherwise we migth as well quit as we will not get repeat business and cannot rely on a never ending stream of new clients as it doesnt work that way. In my book my clients come before anyone else in this business. yes I have escort friends but my clients will come first. Then again the escort friends I have tend to think they same way as I do hence we are friends as i could not be friends with anyone who thinks it is ok to dupe someone out of their money. Some escorts are used to having a lot fo money so they forget how hard it can be for some clients to earn enough to visit an escort. For some an hours booking is half or more of their weekly wage. So therefor I expect them to want value for money in a booking and I always try to give it. I guess it helps that some of my clients are classed as firends now as I do take an interest in them as they do me and we can spend ages after a booking just chatting (on my time not theirs). Anyway moan over and I am back to work tomorrow as I took today off as my legs were still not functioning properly. I do hope everyone has a great weekend. I now I shall epsecially now I have found some lovely new outfits I forgot I had woohoo, Ithin this may call for more photos