May 01 2013

Gifts and things

Its one of those days. no work for little old me as had to visit the hospital. Not the best place to be on a nice sunny day as would much rather be either entertaining clients or sat in my garden enjoying the weather. I shall not moan though as the sun is still shining so all is good. I was discussing presents with another escort yesterday and she said she rarely gets gifts off her clients. I was quite shocked as I have always received gifts of my best clients. I suppose they become my best because they do put the effort in to make me feel good. Perfume is one I often receive which is great as I am always running out. I always get either Armarni Diamonds which I adore but the smell is too faint or Ed Hardy Villain which is wonderfully strong and is also cheap. The smell lasts all day so you don't use as much either. I did have to put a blog up though to say no flower apart from sunflowers as I have an allergy to the rest. Also no wine please as I do not drink. However flavoured water from the coop is always welcome. I also get a lot of lingerie and medium size fully fashioned stockings which do make me happy as I love them so much. I was telling her this and she was honestly shocked as she has never even received a bar of chocolate (something else I never want as prefer fruit). I could not believe not one client had bought her a gift. Perhaps it is how she acts towards them that stops them as it is strange not one has ever done it in her 10 years of doing this job. I have only worked for four years and have been giving so many delightful gifts. It is a woman thing I think that being given a gift makes you feel so good and happy. I know it is wrong but it happens that when someone has taken the time to think of you and bought yous omething they know you will like, you do tend to go the extra mile during their booking. So I guess for many men bringing a gift is a way of ensuring an even better reaction from the escort in question. It is probably wrong but it happens that when I feel happy and think that someone has taken the time to think about me I do try harder with them. Selfish? perhaps! Or perhaps it is just human nature to be nice to people who are nice to you Most of my clients don't see me as a service. They see me as a person who they enjoy spending time with and whos personality they also enjoy. I am more than just a fuck to most of them as I not only give them that service I also give of myself too. After all it is an intimate situation and I could not do it if I di not connect on some level with the guy. so yes I put myself into my bookings physically and emotionally. I don't disconnect as I cant. Its not who I am. To some clients I am their only lover, to some I am their friend as well as a sex partner. Is that crossing the 'boundaries' we are supposed to have. I suppose it is but and that's a big but, we still know what the situation is. I don't ever promise what I cant or wont give. I never make out that something else might come of it. I am genuine through and through and that is why, that although I am not the slimmest or prettiest or youngest of escorts, I am still normally busy. The men who see me tend to want more than the younger girls will give. they want to connect on a higher level. they don't want love but they want to feel close to someone. They want me to be genuinely interested in them as a whole and not just for their money. I try to do this with everyone but the odd client thinks differently to the rest and thinks I am strange as I do give all I have. I don't find it mentally exhausting as I am not pretending all day. I think that is why I don't suffer from being jaded or burnt out. I don't act. I don't pretend. I am just me. I am the same with everyone. The only thing that changes when I go home is my clothes. I am the same person at work as I am at home. OMG!!! I am rambling so I shall shut my big mouth now and leave you all in peace as I am sure my blogs bore you all senseless seeing as I am not always saying how horny I am and talking about sexual exploits like other girls do. Again I cannot be arsed to make up fake stories to write on a blog as if someone asked me about it a few days later I would have forgotten what the heck they are talking about. I don't act and I dont lie on my blogs either. No point as my memory is horrificly bad and I would be found out. So I write boring blogs about things that are relevant to me. They may be boring or dull as I dont live the champagne lifestyle but they are all truthful Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts xxx