Apr 12 2013

Major stress for most

Wow Adultwork has been down over 24 hours and so many women are stressing over it as they have not bothered to pay out for other advertising. Madness or foolishness I say but either way I guess I am one of the lucky ones as I do have other advertising. It pays to and I would be foolish not to have it although it does not come cheap it is worth every penny Saying that the amount I spend on advertising would have paid for a face lift a boob lift and a lift everywhere else I can think of. I would be so lucky though. Mind you a face lift would make me one very happy woman I can tell you I have decided to take today off of sucking cocks and having sex to relax and unwind. I guess again I am lucky I can afford to take time off. It shows though that giving a good service at average prices means you do not have to wrry if anything happens as you know you will be busy most days. Escorting is a strange business as one person can have lots of work yet another in the same town, who looks roughly the same will have none. Its not about looks so much as good value for money. Thats what most clients want. VFM. Some escorts are average women who enjoy sex. They are the ones who earn well and are never really short of work. Some are fantastic lookijg, charge the earth then do nothing as they feel the client should be grateful to be able to pay to spend time with them. They seem to leave the business fairly quickly. reputation is everything in this job. Good feedback and reviews are essential although I would ignore all reviews on Punternet as that place is a joke. They only allow field reports for women who they like and who go by their ethos. i.e the prossie comes first and you should be happy to pay them whatever they ask. I am afraid most of us would rather die than have a review ont hat site. Hell I have a review on the hardeset site in the UK to get a good review on, UKPUNTING. now to get a good review on there you know you are doing it right at they pull apart nearly every profile they see and dont give positive reports often so whereas most girls do not want a review on there as most are negative I can proudly say I have a positive one there.. Go me!!!! On a serious note though, everyone seems to take this job so seriously and they forget it is supposed to be fun. they guy pays for fun and I want to have fun to as that way my client will enjoy it more My message is loosen up and enjoy it for what it is. Sex, good fun sex, sometimes it can be a bit more if you go for the GFE but it is still supposed to be fun. I wish everyone will remember that. Good fun and nothing more Anyway this is going to be my promary site in a week or two as I will be getting rid of the old one as I am now very bored with it. I am finding it a pain having to have a site and a seperate blog and it seems this site is better as it is all included. I do love to have everything in one place as life is so much easier and if I can save a few minutes each day by keeping it all together then it is all good Have a wonderful fun weekend xxxx