Jun 05 2013


Yes ou have guessed it. this is one of those blogs I should not have to actually write but as usual one person deems themselves above common courtesy and feels they can do whatever suits them. For me manners are everything. It is what makes me decide to see someone or not. Take today. knowing full well I am only taking two bookings a day and am not working full time at the moment someone rings after reading my blogs and asks for 6.15 this evening. I explained I could not do that but the latest I oculd work is 6pm for an hour long booking. This is because of the cost of medical care for my son after 7pm It doubles in price to £70 an hour or part there of. So we agree for 6pm as he decided he can make that time. I then turn away any other bookings, infact 5 of them as he had already booked me and I am not one to bump people to take an earlier or more convenient booking as I find that unfair. Five past six I text to see if he still wants the booking. he rings and says he is in my town now so he will only be a couple of minutes as it always takes less than five minutes to get to me once you have left the motorway. At 20 past I gave up and went home. I drove through town and surprise surprise NO traffic. He thens rings at half past six to say he has arrived and has the money to pay me. I think he thought I was desperate and would turn my car around and race back. Sorry but I don't work that way. It is disrespectful. If you know you are going to be late (which you will know by 15minutes before your booking is due) then you should have the manners to let me know in advance NOT after your booking should have started and just because I asked if you still want it. I respect you enough to be there and ready on time so I expect the same consideration from you. If not then it will get my back up as you are basically thinking to yourself I am not worth notifying. Im just a prossie who will sit and wait for when you decide to turn up. That is not me. Quiye simply if you don't have the manners to let me know you will be late before you are already late and without me asking (you would not have bothered at all if I had not of asked) then I will not be seeing you when you do finally bother to turn up. By then I shall be on my way home. It is my duty to ensure I am there and ready on time the same as it is YOUR duty to arrive on time. It is not for me to sit and wait hoping you may show up. I don't do that. I did give you longer than I normally would but even then you took the piss mightily. 30 minutes late without letting me know is a joke by anyones standards. When you meet me you will find normally I do not care, if I am kept informed in advance then I will happily wait an hour as long as I am kept updated etc. If I am not informed in advance then why should I give you any more thought? why should I sit around on the off chance you might turn up and are not yet another timewaster? Manners cost nothing at all yet get you so far in life. For me they are essential. I am quite picky about who I see anyway as I am only doing two bookings a day for the time being so showing me you have no respect is not going to ensure you are one of those I choose to see. I Have little to go on for a first meet so I have to go on how I am treated leading up to the booking. It is how I decide who I will and wont see. I know it seems a bit silly a service provider being picky but I can be as I have a very good reputation in the East Midlands. I am known for not bumping clients in favour of another more financially rewarding booking. I am known for always being on time and always well presented and I am known for always always giving 100%. I am also known for having impeccable manners and treating everyone how I expect to be treated unless they annoy me of course. So yes I can be a little picky. I can state I will only see those who treat me with respect. I will not see anyone who thinks it is ok to just turn up when they feel like it. That is why I have appointments in place and don't tell people to just turn up when they feel like it. I am professional in how I work and I also have pride in my work. I refuse point blank to be treated as if I do not matter or count just because of the job I do. I work as an escort but I am a person first and foremost. escorting is a job not a way of life. I have family and a normal life just like everyone else. I am shocked that it is normally the older gents who do this. Normally they are very well spoken as well. Which infact makes it worse as you expect well spoken well educated people to be brought up with impeccable manners. It is the younger chavvy types you expect to have none. It is always the well educated well spoken men that mess me around though. They tend to think they are better in some way than I am as I sell sex. They forget they are on the same level as me as they pay for sex. we are all people at the end of the day and if they cannot find the manners to treat me as they would anyone else then I am not dropping my knickers for them (not that I wear knickers anyway). Bad manners to be makes a man rather vile in my eyes. I do not care what car he drives, how he dresses or how he speaks or even where he was educated, if he has bad manners he is vile and total scum and is beneath me. My clients all treat me well no matter how they are dressed or what they drive or how much money they earn. They are Gents in the true meaning of the word in my eyes. The ones who don't get to see me will now see why. It is because they will never reach the standard I expect from my clients. As I said it is not about money, or class, or education or assets, it is about a simple little thing that we should all have. MANNERS. Without them you are nothing in my eyes. Now that may make me sound snobby but I am not. I just refuse to see anyone who does not have a basic understanding of common decency. If they treat me with disrespect before we meet what on Earth would they be like once I am naked alone with them. Not something I would like to find out to be honest. I can but imagine after reading the horror stories of other women in this industry who are not fortunate enough to be choosy about who they see. It always turns out though that the men who have hurt, stolen from them or raped them have already been disrespectful before getting in the door. Not a situation I ever want to put myself in again. Yes I did recently with a guy who was in a posh car, with a handmade suit who spoke well yet robbed me. It was my fault as I should have not let him in when he turned up 25minutes late but against my better judgement I did. Never again will I do that. Anyway rant over. I will happily see anyone who is respectful so please don't think I am up myself. I am not. I just know some people are beneath the rest of humanity. They really are. No matter what their status and normally well bred men with a lot of money but little in the way of common decency as they believe they are far better than the rest of us and therefor are above simple things like manners. Like I said if you let me know you will be late BEFORE you actually are then there will never be a problem as I will happily wait if I am kept informed. After all you will have shown decency by letting me know so I will show the same by waiting. Well that has got that off my chest so now I can relax ready to work again tomorrow and hopefully not have to worry about the odd few idiots who make it harder for us all. Big kisses and boy do I need them right now. I have had a bad two weeks so am looking for plenty of fun and frolics over the coming weeks MWAHHHH!!!