May 09 2013


WOWWWWW what a few days I have had. I did a new photo shoot at the weekend and did some photos in my favourite retro outfits as well as school uniform and nurse outfit as people seem to think I don't offer these as it has been a long time since I wore them for photos. I stopped wearing my retro clothing over 3 years ago as some men did not respect that they did have to be slightly more careful with them as they are not cheap ann summers outfits but expensive corsets and retro girdles and FF stockings. An Ann Summers outfit costs around £30 - £40 where as a full retro outfit starts at around £300. Big difference. Anyway I had stopped wearing them for that reason but I detest tacky Ann Summers so have started to wear these retro outfits again and I did a photoshoot to show that. Since then I have had so many people trying to book it has become impossible to see them all. It seems everyone loves the look especially on a fuller figure as it really does show the curves to full effect. I shall start wearing them again now but not for half hour bookings. It just is not worth struggling to get into a corset and girdle for a half hour booking. After all it is not as if I can just pull them on as they are made to fit me and are handmade to fit my exact measurements so fit tight and are not shop bought so not one size fits all. I must add some photos to this website as I have not bothered to do so yet as it is quite hard to add photos when in hospital as nurses can be quite nosey you know. Ok the nurses tend to know what I do for a job anyway as it is in my records and I am not ashamed of it but I still do not want them to be seeing my photos as I am uploading them :) I moved the furniture in the flat at the weekend as it was making the room look so small as the sofa cut it off halfway so now I have a very spacious large room that is bright as well as roomy. I am sure my roommate will complain when she gets back but to be honest it is tough. It just makes it harder for her to dump all her junk behind and under everything. I do not like a mess in my home or my work flat and when I moved the furniture I was shocked at what I found dumped behind and under everything. I just piled it all in her room. She is in for a shock next week anyway when I tell her that the large cupboard I have that is full to the brim of stuff she has slowly brought in (that she doesn't want at home as it makes it a mess) has to be taken back home as it is not work stuff so does not need to be filling the cupboard where the hoover and clothes airer is supposed to be but it doesn't fit in as she has filled it up. It is also where the water tank is and I need to get to it as somehow the thermostat has been turned up and the water is getting far too hot which must have happened when she was dumping stuff in there. Oh I cannot wait for it to be emptied out so I can ut all the cleaning stuff back in there rather than having it lying around the apartment.. it was also used a shoe cupboard but again not now which means there are dozens of shoes lying around with nowhere to go. All it does it make the place look messy and I hate that. I like everything to have its own place. It makes keeping it clean for clients so much easier as well. I am sure asking her will cause an argument or two but I shall not be backing down on this. I always back down just so life is peaceful as that is my nature. I prefer peace to arguments even if I am in the right. Ok up to a point as I only take so much before I blow and I have had a year of my views being totally ignored. A year of innocent yet practical questions being blown off or starting a big argument where there should be none so I always just ay ok leave it. Not this time. I am not making an unreasonable request. Do not store excess property at the work flat as you don't want it to mess up your own home. Not unreasonable when it is making the work place look a dump instead as have nowhere to store needed stuff at the flat. I shall as usual ask nicely and if it is ignored I shall have to give an ultimatum. Same if she goes off on one about it. It shall be move it or move out. I cannot bare the mess anymore. I even have to have a hoover in my work bedroom as there is nowhere else to put it at the moment and I do not really have to room in there for it. I prefer my work place to be clean and neat and tidy after all I am inviting paying clients into that space and they have the right to expect it to be clean and fresh and mess free. I like sharing a place but if it means I have to put up with clutter I would sooner be alone. Clutter tends to make me feel a bit closed in and anxious. I am not anal about it I just have always preferred clutter free. Its the cramped feeling I get when I am in a cluttered room. Its almost like I cant breathe but I can I just feel as if I need the door open if it is cluttered. Silly I know but I cant help it. I am the same at home and even want the walls removed between my lounge/dining room/ kitchen as I want it all open spaced so again it does not feel cluttered. I guess it comes from growing up on the beach, literally my garden backed onto the beach so as I grew up I always had open space. After all there is no more open space than the sea is there. Anyway will let you all know how it goes. Golly I am not looking forward to it as I avoid confrontation. Its not that I am scared by it, I just prefer a peaceful life as I rarely get angry so I do not bother arguing. I do not see the point of arguing about anything. It seems childish. We are after all adults and capable of holding a conversation without resulting to shouting or insults but I know this is going to happen as she is very volatile and will shout and argue over anything. I on the other hand will back down and then muse over it in my head for ages which causes me stress. stress aggravates my illness which then means I cannot work. so I know this time I have to make sure what I say happens. Its silly as it is my flat. She is not on the tenancy as she does not want anything in her name as she doesn't want anyone knowing what she does. Fair enough but as I am the legal tenant then I am the one who is responsible for everything in the flat as well as the thermostat burning itself out as the water is set far too hot. I have spoken to an electrician who has said not only is this possible but my electric bills will be much higher than they would normally be. Which they actually have been the past few months. Infact much higher than usual. ANyway that is all today. I did come on just to say how many calls I have had since the new photoshoot but got carried away as usual. This is my sounding board and it helps to get it all out and clear my head Have a great day one and all xxx