Jun 29 2013

Men WHY???

Well my date night went rather well I must say. I was taken to a rather posh restaurant. You know one of those places where you start to sweat before you sit down in case you spill something or use the wrong knife etc. Even though I was very well trained in table etiquette as a child I still had the panicky feeling. It did not help that I was wearing a new vintage garter belt I had not worn before which shall be being sent straight back as the clasps undone as soon as I sat down with one of them completely snapping off. So I had to sit rather still so my stocking did not work its way down my leg. It could only happen to me. The food was outstanding though, the type that is in tiny amounts in the centre of the plate but taste so wonderful you actually want more of it. Lord knows why the amount is so tiny. I guess it is so you keep coming back every time to get more of it. It has been a long time since I have tasted anything that good. The starter was outstanding and seriously the best food I have every tasted and I have eaten in Michelin Star restaurants so that gives you an idea of the level of the food last night. It seems that I must yet again mention timekeeping for your booking. AN hours booking is not two hours and a two hour booking does nto mean you can stay for three just because you don't want to leave. I had it yesterday a two hour booking that was supposed to finish at 2.15 the guy was late so it should then have finished at 2.30. At 2.45 I mentioned that we had gone right over and he just said well Ill stay to three and gave me no choice but as he was polite and a little nervous I assumed he meant he was paying until three as he booked two hours but on arrival said can we see how it goes and he will pay for the time he is here. BY half past three I had to get him to leave as I had other bookings and he gave me the money and he only paid for the two hours. So he has now ruined it for everyone else. You will all have to pay up front and if you want to extend your booking we will be stopping what we are doing so you can pay the extra money. He found me via the TLC TRUST website and I have many clients through there and I tend to trust them as they are impaired in some way and find it hard to visit escorts as many refuse disabled men so they do tend to be genuine. My mistake. Never again will I trust someone. Not when it comes to money. I always trust people even after being robbed but this guy yesterday seriously took the mickey and pushed me a little too far. He knew damn well what he was doing and that he had no intention of paying for the time he was with me which is why on arrival he changed it from a two hour booking to see how it goes and pay for the time he is here. He did not have enough money on him to extend so he did this on purpose. Its ok though as I shall be placing details on the warning froums that he does this and to get payment off him in advance. The best bit off it all even after ripping me off for an hours pay he has the nerve to email me and blame me for him missing his train (oh if only I had the head banging emoticon on here). I am sure he expected me to email back and say I am so sorry he ripped me off and because he did this he missed his train so next time I shall give him a discount. Idiot. I will happily give discounts if something is my fault, i.e he was late as I had to start the booking late but not because someone refused to leave my property and extended his booking then didn't pay for it. The audacity of some people really is astounding. I am sat here writing this shaking my head and laughing at the nerve some men have. I guess though that some men and when I say this I in no way mean most but just the minority of men have to see escorts as they really cannot find a woman in civvie life due to the fact that they cannot accept responsibility for their own actions and also they assume that they are entitled to do what they want when they want as life is all about them. Thankfully the vast majority of men I meet in this job are NOT like that. They just want a good time for the money they pay. That's how it should be. I don't take the piss out of them by charging high prices or extras and they don't take the piss out of me by overstaying. Its a very simple agreement and it works really well. It amazes me that some men just cannot grasp that idea. Just because they pay does not mean they can do whatever they want. You pay a hairdresser but you don't expect to be able to do whatever you want to her or her property, you pay in a restaurant but you wouldn't stay after your meal and drinks were finished yet a few men assume because they have paid a woman for sex they can do what they like for how long they like. As usual the minority ruin things for the majority. I am having the whole weekend off as am still annoyed about yesterday and really not in the right frame of mind to titillate clients. I shall be back once my head is back in the right place as I really would not give anyone a good time like this. It would not be fair on you guys if I worked. So I shall be back next week and hopefully in a much better frame of mind. This has just not been my week lol!!