Jul 31 2013


Sorry that was the only thing I could think when thinking of a title for this blog. Firstly I would like to apologise to those of you who have tried to book me the past three days. Work has been so manic I have not had time to even have a cappuccino let alone answer calls or texts. I am not complaining but I seem to have gotten very popular the past few days and have been fully booked before 10 am and today by 11pm last night. If you really want a booking why not pop me a text the night before to arrange and we can then confirm on the phone at a pre arranged time on the day. I know some people don't want to text in case the escort is not English etc but these silly blogs should ensure that English is my first language and if they don't then the confirmation call in the morning would. Not sure what is going on with the bloody weather as it is hardly summer right now. Just muggy and sweaty and I hate to sweat unless it is under the right conditions nudge nudge. Talking of my blogs I actually had someone complain that they were not sexy enough? WTF!! Since when is a blog supposed to be sexy. It is about the persons life. Its not about what I may or may not get up to in the bedroom with clients. That would hardly be discreet now would it. All I can say is if you don't like my blogs please feel free to not read them. They are here for the guys that want to get to know a little about me and how I think rather than me writing what I think clients want to read. Most of my clients want a little more than a Wham bam thank you maam and want to get to know me as a person so it feels more intimate. So in these blogs they do get to know the real me. I do not live a flash glamorous life wining and dining and sipping champagne. I am a normal woman with a quiet life out of work. I would sooner curl up in bed with a good book than hang around flash hotels sipping champagne and trying to pick up clients. That's just how I am and I cannot and will not change that. Why would I want to hang around a hotel bar all glammed up looking desperate when I could be reading a bit of Rudyard Kipling or a Terry Pratchett book. Yes I enjoy a night out now and then but if left to my own devices I stay in. Boring, to you maybe... And probably to others but for me it is my ideal life. I get fun and excitement at work and then go home to peace and quiet. Anyway enough of the mndane stuff I started this blog to apologise for not being able to answer calls this past few days as it seems every man in the area is feeling horny and seems to be booking me. I must admit I am loving it. My hair isn't though as all the friction is causing it to go frizzy. The mugginess is also having the same affect. So if you do get to see me and my hair is not perfect I do hope you will understand that it cannot be helped. Mind if you are the first of the day my hair might not be too bad. Oh I am doing a photo shoot at the weekend so if you want to see me Saturday book now as I will be finishing at four on the dot. I have a gorgeous red corset with matching girdle and stockings and a white one the same for the photos so I am quite looking forward to it. I must admit I hate having my photo taken especially with a shoot as the lights get me rather warm and I even have the proper no heat lights not that they make much difference. It is also a good excuse to wear the white shoes I bought as I have been looking for an excuse to have bought them and they match my white outfit. YAY !! I didn't waste £17. They were a bargain from my Chinese friend who makes my corsets and they normally sell for around £110 so I got a great deal again. I am still waiting for my blue corset to turn up and it hasn't as of yet which is quite annoying but does happen from time to time. I am surprised so much stuff turns up considering it is from china and more doesn't get waylaid somewhere. Oh bugger I had better go as I need to wash my hair ready for tomorrow. See you all soon