Jul 13 2013

Hot hot hot

Wow this weather is sure hot!!!! Now I like to get hot and sweaty but not like this. I have ensured my work bedroom is lovely and cool though and if you still find it too warm just let me know and I will turn the coolers up! I did want to sit outside but my body is having a flare up so I cannot sit outside. Grrrrr!!! I want to get a tan BOO HOO! yes I am crying like a baby. Tomorrow though is not going to be so hot so I am hoping to be able to strip off and lay outside. No tan lines for me. I shall also be able to dip myself in the pool when I get too hot which is lovely. After all I don't want to burn and peel. I want to tan my body (not face as don't need extra wrinkles). I will be back to work Monday as I just felt I needed a few days off to unwind and relax. Being at the flat is lovely now. It is so peaceful. I bleached right through and had no one moaning. It was delightful. I must admit I am a bleach freak. I love to bleach bathrooms and kitchens. Both are areas that can be very unhygienic so bleach is a necessity. I cannot understand why some people hate bleach and moan if you use it. Anyway the flat is sparkling clean and fresh. I just have to buy a fly net for the back door because as soon as I open it they pour in. It is silly. I may even resort to the ziplock bag of water with coins in it. This tends to keep flies from entering if it is high up on a door frame. No idea why but it does. apparently it is something to do with coins in water and prisms that through the bag look to flies like multiple eyes so they avoid it for fear of being eaten. I know it sounds silly but it works. Its that or having a plant pot full of magnolias as flies avoid them too. Mind you I don't like the smell of them and would sooner smell fly spray than magnolias as they remind me of cat urine. Urghhh!! Today I put on my faithful denim mini skirt. I have had it 8 years (yes I am thrifty and only buy what I need). It doesn't fit. Gutted. It keeps falling to the floor. I now have a belt around it as I refuse to throw it away as it has seen me through some times. Good and bad! I don't like to just buy clothes if I already have it. I don't like to waste money. I know as an escort I am supposed to be flashing money around but I just cant. For one it is quite tasteless to flash cash and also I know the real value of money so just because I have it doesn't mean I have to spend it, I often see women buying loads of stuff that they just don't need and it makes me feel queasy as I think what happens if for some reason you cant work for a few months. I like to save. While typing this I just realised my Pandora bracelet needs cleaning badly. Silver always reacts with my skin and goes black very quickly so it needs cleaning often. That is a pain in the arse as although Pandora clean it for free there is normally an hours wait just to be seen as the shop has minimal staff yet so many customers. Anyway that is me done. Look no moaning!!!! Yayy me!!!