May 04 2013

Boring blogs for sure

I know it is me again. I am probably the most boring blog writer in the escorting world as my blogs are never full of made up sexy antics or fantasy nor are they ranting on and on about how horny I am as I just do not see the point of being fake. I am at work if I am horny and I stay home if I am not. You do not need me constantly going on and on about it in my blogs. My blogs tend to be more about real life. yes perhaps boring but it givems my clients a chance to see that I am just a normal woman who lives a normal boring life just like everyone else and I just happen to work as an escort. so many people assume that as I am in this job I must spend all day shopping and every evening sat in cocktail bars sipping cosmos or drinking champagne. I am sure some do but if I did that then when the hell would I find time to work? Or eat, or clean my own home or my work place? I wouldn't now would I? I also do not sit at my work apartment in sexy lingerie and stockings day and night waiting for the phone to ring. People are quite surprised when they ring me at 3am to be told no sorry but evenings and nights have to have 24 hours notice An example of a phone call form last night Me hello? Him? Can you visit me at such and such hotel which happens to be around 40 miles away me, where did you see my number him on your website me did you not read my working times and how much notice I will need for evenings or nights? him, yes but I know you escorts work 24 hours a day even if you say you don't me, that is correct I will happily work at night if given 24 hours notice him, well you are awake so what is the problem me. The problem is I am in bed, with no make up and settling down to sleep him, You can still come out for an hour though me, you want me to drive over 40 miles at this time of night for an hours booking him yes, its your job me, Ok darling enough is enough. You obviously have no idea of boundaries or respect as only someone who is drunk or high would expect anyone to jump out of bed get dolled up and drive an 80mile round trip for an hours booking Him, fuck off you fat whore me. oops phone turned itself off oops number now blocked seriously I may be awake that time of night as I am an insomniac and I mean I really am. I am lucky to get two hours sleep a night even with the strongest medication a doctor can give but it does not mean I will happily leap out of bed for a booking. Both of my websites are comprehensive enough for anyone to understand. It is not as if I have a one page site with hardly anything on it. I explain everything. My work hours, when I will or wont work, how to book me, I even have a FAQs page I don't understand why anyone would expect another to go against their own rules for work. After all unless you are a doctor or fireman I doubt anyone would leap out of bed at 3 am and rush to work just because someone said they want them to. I am like everyone else. I have a work life and a home life. I am not an escort. I just work as one. It is not who I am it is what I do for work I think people confuse it. An office worker is not called an office worker out of work, as everyone knows that is just their job and it does not define them yet with the job of escort it suddenly becomes who you are and not just what you do. For me it is a job. it is not my life. I could leave tomorrow and not be affected too much although I would miss my guys. It is not a vocation. It is a job I can never understand why some assume that this job suddenly defines us as people. It doesn't. Well I am sure for some it does as it can consume your life if you are not careful. For me though I can shut off and once my stockings come off I stop being Dani. I become a normal everyday person with mundane things to do like housework, cooking, washing, cleaning out litter trays, feeding the dogs etc etc etc My idea of excitement is staying in a nice hotel, having a good mean and curling up with a good book in bed. I don't need much in my life as I am a simple person with simple needs. yes I like nice clothes and shoes but I am frugal and buy them cheap when they are about to go out of season. don't get me wrong if someone turned up with a pair of very prive peepholes from Louboutin I would be over the moon but I wont personally buy them as although I would love a pair I could not justify the expense in my own head. My head is sensible and ignores those sudden shopping urges the heart may desire Basically I am a cheapskate as I know the value of money. Its also why I always try to ensure my clients have a great time. I know how hard they work and save for the money they give me for a booking. Anyway I had better go as I have to do my hair etc as doing a photoshoot tomorrow afternoon. yes more new photos to come