Jun 22 2014

OOPS I forgot

OMG!!! How dumb can I be. I forgot I had a blog app on this site so have not updated it for a while. Well I am still back and forth between home, work and the hospital. Not great fun but part of life I guess. I have also been rather hard to get hold of lately and I do apologise but it seems the days I am working have been getting booked up very quickly. No idea why but I am not complaining as have been having a ball. there is nothing better than meeting people and getting down and dirty within minutes. It is my Birthday tomorrow Mon23rd and I am unsure if I shall work or not. Its not as if I can have a nice lay in as have doctors at 9am so do not know what to do Life has been quite apart form that with not much going on apart form my monthly Ladies lunch group who threw a lovely party for me this week at one of their homes. I didn't even know these Ladies 6months ago but now they are a large part of my life. I met them through the group at pain clinic and we have carried on meeting after it ended as we are a support network for each other. Its hard for anyone else to understand what we each suffer through on a daily basis as unless one lives with chronic pain one cannot understand. It is not like having a headache or bad back as it is all encompassing. Its in every muscle f your body including the internal ones like your womb, bowels, bladder, lungs and heart. It affects your joints, your face, your teeth and eyes. So we found it great to have people we can discuss it with without being seen as moaning and who we can laugh about it with. Believe me some of the pain and what is causes it rather funny in a crude way so we do end up talking about things that perhaps should not be talked about over food. We have had a busy month as there have been three birthdays so not so much a monthly meet this month. I am going away for a few days in either August or September to my favourite hotel. A chance to relax and just take myself out of the world for a few days. It is stunning there and quiet. The only noise is the sound of nature. The hotel itself is outstanding and there are just no faults to complain about. The food is of such a high standard there is nothing on the menu that anyone could moan about. The swimming pool is beautiful as it the Jacuzzi. It is my idea of heaven and I cant wait. So that's it. Not a lot to talk about. Although soon I shall be showing my face on my photos again. I don't hide them due to being really ugly as I have a normal everyday face. I had my reasons and that should all be over with soon thankfully Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun xxx