May 11 2013

new phone

At last I have finally changed my awful basic work phone to an Iphone. It had to be done as this phone was not ringing at my end all the time so I was missing calls. Same with texts. It seems the phone only lets through the odd call and text even though it rings at your end.. I have however got rid of it at last. Now everyone knows I do not store clients phone numbers in my phone as I find that awfully indiscreet in case I lose my phone. I do however keep timewasters and no shows numbers. I did not realise how many men out there make bookings with no intentions of turning up. I had to manually input all the numbers today and it took me hours as there are literally hundreds and hundreds of numbers for timewasters and no shows. I can now see why some escorts bitch and moan about them. I don't let them get to me so I really had no idea how many I have had over the four years I have done this job and I must say I was very surprised. Actually shocked at the amount of people who book and then do not bother to turn up or to let me know. Mind you now all their numbers are stored in groups with their own ring tone so when they ring I wont be rushing to the phone to answer it. If you have to cancel fair enough just let me know but if you no show then your number gets saved and I will never agree to see you again. I have to do this as unlike other services where you book appointments, hairdresser, private doctor, solicitor I cannot charge for time wastage. They can and very often do send you a bill if you waste their time. I cannot so I just block you from booking me ever again. I have ordered lots of new corsets and girdles etc for some more photo shoots so keep an eye out for them. I am quite excited as I have not wore them for a while as punters went through a stage of wanting me to wear cheap ann summers clothes but thankfully that phase seems to have gone again so I can wear my retro style lingerie. I feel happier in it anyway and I do love FF stockings. They make me feel sexy and if I feel sexy then you are going to have a bloody good time. Anyway this was just a quick update to let you know the phone problem has been sorted at last and I shall now go as am watching Hansel and Gretal and I must say it is quite action packed Toodles Darlings xx