Jun 25 2013

woo hoo she is going

WOOHOO!!! I have finally done it. I have given my flat mate her notice. I have put up with it for over a year now. Her stuff over filling every cupboard in the place plus always all over the lounge. Now if it was work stuff I would be ok but it is not. It is just stuff she doesn't want junking up her own home so she dumped it all here and I am supposed to put up with it. I have been asking since last year for her to remove it but she ignored me and brought more and more stuff to the point I cannot even hang my work outfits up as there is nowhere for it to go. I have also had to put up with banging doors non stop during every booking I have had clients say they refuse to come back whilst she is there as they don't need another woman jumping out trying to get their attention and am not sure if she is doing it so the client doesn't come back to see me or just out of spite as I do tend to be busier but that is because I advertise a lot more in other places and update my profile here regularly Whatever the reason I have had enough. Before I went into hospital I moved all her junk to the bedroom and spent two days cleaning the flat and when I came out, the lounge was overflowing with more junk. It was everywhere. So yet again I asked her politely to take it all back home.. No chance So yesterday I had enough and told her that it has to be gone this week as it is nothing to do with work so does not need to be there as the flat is overfilled and cramped and cluttered. This morning she replied and I was basically told she can junk it up as much as she wants and I am a bully and a bitch for asking every month for a year to move it. Well I had some very bad news this morning as it looks like my Father has Lung Cancer so after hearing that and then reading her texts I lost it completely and told her enough is enough I want her out and I gave her notice. She told me I cannot do that and she is going to do what she wants and I am being mean and bullying her and I bully her every month when I have to bloody beg her for the rent. Last month she bought loads of jewellery on the same day she tells me she is skint so cannot afford all the rent WTF!! I had to pay the rest and then she suddenly forgot all about it when I asked for the money back. Whenever I mention bills she is skint and then pretends I never mentioned them and I am trying to steal money from her for asking her to pay her share Ok going off topic there a bit but when I went in she came in and started having another go at me calling me all the names under the sun just because I want my work flat clean and tidy FFS. It is sorted now. she is paying her rent weekly for the next two weeks and then she is gone. No more having to bite my tongue when she sits drinking and getting drunk in the morning, no more of her jumping out on my clients in the hope they want to see her instead and no more having to stay at home cos if I went in I would probably open my mouth and not shut it at all. It has been a year of non stop drama, Everyday she has another reason to cause mayhem and be the centre of attention and pretending she is ill for sympathy. This is how bad it is for being a drama queen, when I was in hospital, in so much pain they kept me on non stop morphine she was ringing and texting every day, not to ask how I was or what was happening but to whinge and moan about how much pain she is in as she had gnat bites. I was having to listen to this day in and day out whilst I was in hospital. It is non stop drama, everyday there is something else wrong with her even though the doctors have said there isnt I really cannot wait until two weeks time so I get some time at the flat on my own. peace and quiet will be lovely. No more whinging and moaning, no more of someone ranting all day about some guy then being in love the next then calling police on him the following day then back with him and so on and so on. As I often say I hate drama in my life and like it as peaceful and stress free as possible and this was the last bit of drama in my life. Infact so much drama I was not even going into work most days as I just could not bare to be in the same room with her again. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I did not realise how much it was stressing me out until I lost it completely today. I never even get close to losing my temper as I am a peaceful person but today I lost it and had to shut myself in my bedroom to calm down or I may have ended up doing something I would regret. I feel more relaxed now than I have done in over a year. I cannot believe how much it must have been getting to me as it is a cliché to say but I do feel so much lighter. I feel as if all my stress has left me. Actually I feel rather light headed just knowing I wont have to suffer the same old every day. Plus no more drunken voicemails or calls telling me she is going to kill herself or checking into a clinic or she is so ill or she is lonely or all her friends are being nasty as they are jealous of her. It is always something Ok I know I talk about my illness on here but that is because I don't really say much about it in real life as I don't want to burden other people with my problems, so the last thing I need is having to carry someone elses burdens as they are thrown at me everyday non stop Anyway that part of my life is over and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and know that in two weeks I shall have time alone again. I swear I will never share a flat with someone full time again. The stress is too much