Apr 16 2013


Thankyou so much guys. You have restored my faith in humanity. Not only have I received some lovely emails from people about yesterdays naty incident I have also met some wonderfully nice guys today. TODAY I REALISE WHY i AM AN ESCORT. It is because I love to make men happy It goes to show that when one shitty thing happens lots of smaller but nicer things do follow. Infact the nicer things do not balance it out but weigh heavily in favour. They out do any negative things that happen in life. A friend of mine is having a hard time of it relationship wise at the moment so I have spent some time talking with her so have just arrived home. I know she will not take advice so I wont give her any but I do so hope she soon regains her inner strength and runs for the hills. Sometimes relationships just do not work no matter how much effort we put in. If only one of you is putting the work into it then it is doomed. As women we wait and hope we can change things instead of realising it is futile and running as far and as fast as possible. I have learnt over the years that it takes two for any partnership to work and if the other is not putting anything into the mix then I run and I dont look back. I cannot stand negativity and do not allow it into my life in any shape or form. Its just not good for any of us. Yes I had a negative experience yesterday but I still looked on it as a good thing as it taught me to keep my guard up as I had let it slip a little. it also made me revalue my security procedures and I found a few areas that needed improvement and they have now been inproved. Everything negative can teach us something and that then makes it positive. I know a lot fo people will not agree with that statement but I would sooner live by thinking that something good can come out of a bad experience. It makes me happier so that is all that counts. Anyway I am waflling on again instead of uploading all these bloody photos I have to upload. I shall get them done, one by one. I shall also keep changing my profile photos as I have do go off my photos very quickly.