Jul 13 2014

me again

I will firstly apologise for being so hard to get hold of recently. I have cut down the amount of bookings I will do a day so many people have not been able to get appointments when they want them. Last minute appointments are available on quiet days but some days I am fully booked by 5am so I cannot fit anyone in. I don't want to ever do back to back bookings nor do I want to do more than a few a day as it then stops being fun and becomes a job. I want to feel horny when I see you and if I saw 6-10 men a day I wouldn't. I would be going through the motions and I refuse to do that anymore. I want to be able to give my best. So I apologise for not being available when you want but it really is better to book in advance. Since I have cut down on bookings I have gotten back into it so much more. It is like I have just started again and is exciting and fun. It makes such a difference as I now look forward to seeing everyone instead of feeling like I have to. I am loving it again which is so important to me I have had quite a time of it recently although my heart issue is under control and everything is slowly getting sorted and I have a fitting soon for a bloody neck collar and back brace, NO don't worry I wont be wearing them when I work as they are for sleeping and walking in and not for sex I still have quite a few more hospital appointments to go to so that is rather annoying but I am feeling so much better. I still have bad days where I don't work but I am having lots of good days too. I have a break planned for the end of the summer back to my favourite hotel so I can recharge and relax and be totally spoilt for a few days. We all need some time to unwind and do nothing what so ever and for me it is time to sit back and read, Oh and eat some spectacular food too. The heat is killing me as I cant sit in the sun anymore so no longer have a nice tan but at least at work my room is always nice and cool as I have the cold air blowers going so no one has to get hot and sweaty before the fun starts. I must admit it is lovely to just sit there when it is so cool. Anyway that's the catch up as I have not really been up to much lately and have been keeping it quiet and peaceful