Nov 09 2013

A ramble

I have had a brainstorm. Ok perhaps maybe just a clap of thunder rather than a storm but I have decided to lower my overnight rates for outcalls. I have decided that £500 is more than enough if I get taken for a meal (nothing fancy) and get a few hours sleep. After all a couple of hours will be social time and I cannot really charge for when I am asleep so I thought I will bring the price down although I do expect breakfast in the morning. Most of the average price hotels do a free breakfast anyway if the room is booked for two people so we can have morning fun before going to eat and then saying goodbye. I personally am happy with £500 although I keep being told it is too cheap. I don't care. I charge what I am happy with and sod what other women think There seems to be some who think there is an unwritten rule that we should all stick together to try and increase prices. Yes it would be a good idea however now is not the right time to do that as everyone is feeling the pinch. Plus why would I want to increase prices if I am happy with what I charge. if I needed to charge more I would. I am not greedy though. I prefer to charge an average price for my age group, my build and my services. I can be sure to be busy then. Anyway not good news on the father front as it has spread to his brain now and he really is on borrowed time. Its quite frightening as we never think of our parents as someone who will pass away. we tend to see them as immortal as they have always been there and we assume they always will be. We know deep down they wont but being British we don't tend to dwell on our own mortality. The whole stiff upper lip thing. It actually drives me crazy. other countries when someone passes on celebrate the persons life. we have depressing funerals over here. Where we all sit and feel sorry for ourselves. That is after all why we cry. We will miss that person so feel sorry for ourselves. Instead we should celebrate the life that person had. I for one will celebrate when my Father is finally out of his pain. No one should have to suffer like that. Again our Euthenasia rules are seriously screwed up. if a dog is in pain and slowly dying we put them to sleep yet we don't allow a human to make that choice for themselves. Absolutely terrible. A human should be able to choose to go in peace with their dignity intact. not have to struggle on in pain that no amount of morphine helps with and lose all their dignity. Its cruel. Although I cant see our laws on it changing anytime soon unless of course one of those in charge suddenly finds themselves or a member of their family in the same situation. I have had a bad few days. I think the weather is going to get much colder very quickly now as I am feeling the deep bone pain that I normally only feel in temperatures below freezing. My body tends to let me know when the weather will change and I think it is going to be in the next few days as my bones hurt so much. Normally it is my muscles and joints but in the cold it is my bones. I hate snow but I am so happy that when it does happen the road to my work apartment is always clear as the council always clear that route as it is to an industrial estate. It means that once I get my car up the hill from where I live the route is clear all the way to work. YAY.