Aug 27 2013

a bad time of it

Golly it seems all I am doing lately is apologising. I apologise I have not been around much but like everyone at some point in their lives I have had some personal issues to deal with and have had to make rather big life decisions. I did not feel it fair to work whilst my mind was elsewhere so just stayed home to try and get my head in the right place. Can I also ask that when you book an escort you ensure your phone has enough charge on it to ring when you arrive. I have all the local phone boxes stored in my phone and they are all blocked due to the amount of idiots who ring on them and make fake bookings. I have had a few people recently book appointments for early or late and then I have sat around waiting for a call and no call has come as they have not had their mobile charged and have called from a phone box. I don't receive those calls so as far as I am concerned you have just not turned up. I also would not give you my door number until I can see that you are in fact alone so without a mobile you will never gain entry to my apartment. I shall be back tomorrow as I am feeling much more in control of my emotions and am not likely to burst into tears on you like I would have if I had worked the past few weeks. again I have to ask you to not call every few seconds if I don't answer. I am not ignoring you (unless you are on my block list) I am just unable to answer the phone. If you have called and not received an answer don't leave a voicemail as I rarely listen to them but send me a text instead. I will accept a text asking me to let you know when I am free to talk if you have tried calling. I am not trying to make it difficult to get in contact hence I am willing to accept a text if I don't answer a call. Anyway that is all for now as I have a few more things to try and sort out today and then I shall be back as I really need some fun right now after the past few weeks.