Apr 26 2013

Nottingham & Derby

It seems my postcode is confusing people as it is a Nottingham postcode yet I am actually in Derby. Very strange I know but it is Erewash council that I pay for council tax which comes under Derby not Nottingham. Some people ring and ask for postcode and then say oh Nottingham is too far or they will say oh Derby is too far arghhh. I cannot win. I ma actually based smack bang in the middle of both right next to junction 25 of the M1. I am not even 5minutes from the junction and am so easy to find I even managed to find it first time and anyone who knows me will know that is a miracle as I have no sense of direction at all. I had today off work as I wasnt feeling it today. I shall be back tomorrow hopefully but I refuse to work if I am nto horny. I dont see the point as then I will not be enjoying it so my clients wont enjoy it as much either and they work bloody hard to earn their money and I wont let them waste it. Anyway this si just a quicky to let you know I ma still about I do hope you all like my new site as I have worked quite hard gettig it how I want it and I really like it now although i may well change the design in the near future